Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are you thankful for?

Art-Reach wishes everyone a safe, happy and bountiful Thanksgiving Day feast, and in the spirit of the holiday season please share what you are most thankful for this year in your arts community. Have you had a tremendous experience that you wish to share? Have you witnessed the transformative power of the arts first hand? Did you have a blast visiting a museum or meeting an artist? This is a warm and fuzzy post, and we want to hear from you! Please take time to share your experience, and know that we are truly thankful for all of you!


  1. I am thankful for our tremendous members, ambassadors, donors and staff who make it all possible. My favorite moment that I am most thankful for this year was the fully accessible production we were able to bring to our members and the community when we partnered with Arden Theatre Company to present Frog and Toad, which included shadow signing. There was a young boy who sat in front of me. He was hearing impaired and happy to be at the theater. His joy increased ten fold when the actors on stage joined the signers who shadowed them in signing "Frog looks funny in his bathing suit". The young boy began jumping up and down and waving at his mother while pointing to the stage. It was obvious that he was overcome with joy because everyone was talking to him. This moment brought tears to my eyes. It made me proud to be involved in the arts community, and so thankful to be able to work for Art-Reach with the most amazing people in the entire world! From our members to our arts partners and everyone in between-you are all so amazing, and I am so grateful to be able to work with you year after year! You equal pure joy -thank you!

  2. I'm most thankful for our members, who continue to find particiapting in the arts a meaningful and inspiring activity for their constituents, even as the world and the economy have conspired against us and put even more pressures on the nonprofit sector. It reinforces what I truly believe: that the arts are a tool for education, empowerment and therapy, not a luxury.

  3. I am thankful that I get to interact with such a diverse and interesting constituency. I value the conversations I have with our folks and being a connector to help partnering organizations further their mission.

    In addition, on a not so serious note, I am also grateful that the Art-Reach offices are located nearby two top notch purveyors of my favorite regional delicacy- pizza fries.

    Take care and have a happy and healthy Happy Thanksgiving!