Friday, February 5, 2010

The gift of design

Since 2002, Hypno Design, Inc., a marketing and design firm, has pulled one really impressive all-nighter per year. October 15th-16th, 2009 marked the 7th annual CreateAThon, a 24-hour marketing marathon where volunteer artists, designers, photographers, and copywriters work around the clock to create unique marketing materials for five local non-profit organizations. And did I mention that they do it for FREE?

Hypno collects proposals from local organizations all vying to be a part of this awesome opportunity. As you may have already guessed, Art-Reach was chosen by Hypno’s owners Richard Cardona and Allison Judah as one of the lucky beneficiaries! After we received the good news, Executive Director Michael Norris and I booked a PhillyCarShare and drove out to the Hypno office in Moorestown, New Jersey to meet with the team.

While Richard and Allison had read in the proposal about Art-Reach and the initiative we were looking to promote (A secret soon to be revealed!…stay tuned!), they took this opportunity to learn even more about the spirit and mission of Art-Reach. We left the meeting confident that they understood where we were coming from and would represent us in a unique and effective way. And then, we waited…

On Friday, October 20th, Michael and I crossed state lines again to see what Hypno had cooked up for Art-Reach. We arrived at an office full of coffee, chocolate, and pastries, all the essentials to work through the night. We met with the talented artist and copywriter who put our ideas into words and images; they spoke about their creative process and the buzz words they used to describe Art-Reach: connector, agent (there’s a clue!).

Finally, the moment arrived – our professionally designed materials were presented to us. We are going to debut them VERY soon and they are amazing! The Hypno team distilled our goals and ideas into a distinctive design concept, which is also cohesive with our general logo and graphics. I enjoyed this experience for many reasons, but mostly because it’s so interesting how an outside party (especially one consisting of design professionals!) can describe your organization in a way you’ve never imagined. We provided the tools, but these artists created a masterpiece! Within the next two weeks, these materials will be shared and Hypno's brilliance is sure to be appreciated by all who believe in the power of the arts and Art-Reach!

-by Sage Young


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