Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Brunch Week!

Here at Art-Reach the band is in full swing. With less than one week left until the 19th Annual Jazz Brunch, I’ve had to enter the stage, score in hand and ready to blow. Nevertheless I feel confident. With the way these seasoned players get down, the brunch is sure to be a hit. Patrons will be eager to place their bids just as well as move their feet.

Folami is typing away to keep track of it all.
By the way allow me to introduce myself. My name is Folami Islam and I’m Art-Reach’s new Fall intern. Working on an auction of this magnitude has been really exciting and upbeat much like our theme for this year’s event. Cool cats Rachel Robbins and Nicole Oidick have made asking for donations seem like a breeze. And it shows. Just like notes off the page, items have been coming off the shelves constantly to be reorganized and arranged to accommodate more. The boxes in the copy room have been put on standby and noted not to be recycled. Well at least not in the usual manner.

So far my job in this ensemble has been a bit tedious but all the while rewarding. Much attention is paid to documenting all donations received and filing it correctly. Item descriptions are being cleverly crafted to appear in the program books. Although seemingly minute, the work really contributes to the overall success of the auction which in turn helps the community Art-Reach serves.

Rachel shows off some fabulous auction items!
To give it to you straight no chaser, the donations are pretty mind-blowing. What’s even more amazing are the companies, sponsors, artists and individuals who are making this year’s event possible. Even though a member of “the band”, I still find myself in awe of the things that make their way on stage. Beautiful paintings and hand-made crafts, relaxing vacation packages and really cool exhibits are all on the bill. Some players that have contributed in the past are coming back full force, sharp and with added material. Newbies like the Barnes Foundation, which is one of my personal favorites, are sure to please. 

Here at the office we definitely have Jazz Brunch fever and are certainly burning the midnight oil to create an unforgettable event. And with all the labor of love put in it’s sure to be smooth sailing here on out.

-Folami Islam


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