Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This Looks Like a Job for…the ACTION AGENCY!

The amazing friends and community members who give to Art-Reach are an absolutely vital piece of our mission to bring arts and culture to those who need their benefits most. They are powerful, kind-hearted, and have the ability to change lives. We’re not sure, but they may also be faster than a speeding bullet and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Our donors are a part of the Art-Reach family, which is why we are pleased to unveil the ART-REACH ACTION AGENCY!

The Action Agency program provides Art-Reach donors the opportunity to connect on a much more personal basis with the work they make possible. Each year, when a friend of Art-Reach makes a gift of $250 or more, he or she will become a member of the Agency, and be entitled to several really cool benefits. Check them out:

Buff ($250-$499)
•    Agent Passes (2) to attend 2 Art-Reach events/year.
•    2 tickets to an inclusive production at the Amaryllis Theatre Company.
•    Invitations (for 2) to attend our Annual Action Agent Cocktail Party (featuring special guests from the Philadelphia cultural and human-service communities).
•    Free subscription to our quarterly Action Agent e-newsletter.
•    Your name featured in our annual Art-Reach newsletter and Web site.

Fanatic ($500-$999)
Every Buff level benefit, PLUS:
•    Agent Passes (2) to attend 2 additional Art-Reach events/year.
•    Reserved VIP seating at Art-Reach events.
•    10 FREE tickets to a live arts event for an Art-Reach member group of your choice.
•    2 additional invitations to our Annual Action Agent Cocktail Party.

Guru ($1,000+)
Every Fanatic level benefit, PLUS:
•    2 additional Agent Passes to attend 4 Art-Reach events/year.
•    10 additional FREE tickets to a live arts event for an Art-Reach member group of your choice.
•    1 FREE In-Facility performance for an Art-Reach member agency of your choice.

I am personally so excited about this program, because it gives us the opportunity to give back to our donors. And I’m not talking about t-shirts and mugs. The Action Agency gives our donors the satisfaction of seeing their dollars in action. They can even directly sponsor arts experiences for the human services agencies closest to their hearts.

A few weeks ago, we posted a cryptic blog article about the Hypno design firm Create-a-thon and the top-secret Art-Reach project these talented artists and copywriters tackled. Well, the Action Agency moniker and design were completely created by the folks at Hypno. We think that they truly captured the spirit of Art-Reach and our donors! Check out the official Action Agency Brochure and tell us what you think!

Several great friends and strong supporters of Art-Reach have come together to form the Action Agency Leadership Council. Special thanks to Joyce and Ron Burd; Patricia A. Gritzan, Esq.; The Phoebe W. Haas Charitable Trust A, as recommended by Carole Haas Gravagno; and the Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Arts Education Fund of the Philadelphia Foundation for “leading the charge!” The Council has set a challenge for the first year of the Agency. If we are able to raise $20,000 in Action Agency gifts by June 30, 2010, the Council will personally match the amount! Each dollar given to the Agency will automatically be doubled! Please give today and help us reach this goal!

For more information, check out the Art-Reach Action Agency brochure or call me at 215-568-2115, ext. 2.

-by Sage Young


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